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Join us on a trip to the capital of Wreck Diving. Truk Lagoon features 60 wrecks of ships, airplanes, supply ships and even submarines. Airplanes, tanks, cars, tractors and cars, as well as thousands of original artefacts. Fancy swimming through a complete engine room, bathroom or kitchen? All this and more is possible in the tropical and clear waters of Chuuk also known as Truk Lagoon.


21/03 - 29/03/2025

Truk Lagoon is world famous as the best wreck diving location in the world. Not only are there countless wrecks, they also are almost entirely in their original state, with neither artfecacts nor ammunition looted. It's an additional benefit that the water is lukewarm, so even long wreck dive can be done in minimal thermal protection. Chuuk is located in the middle of the Pacific and benefits from its remoteness and good currents, so most wrecks are covered in fabulous corals.  

Truk Lagoon is a dream for all, recreational and technical divers. We will do 6 days of diving. Recreational divers will do 3 dives a day and cover as many as 18 different wrecks plus sea planes.  Tech divers will dive 2 wrecks a day, all gases and extra tanks are available for rent. You can also mix, dive tech in the morning and recreationally in the afternoon.


Blue Lagoon is the oldest dive shop on Chuuk. The founder was no other than Kimiuo Aisek, the very first person to start diving on these wrecks. Located on a former Japanese airstrip, the palm fringed resort expands out onto a sandy lagoon. From here its only 5mins boat drive to the closest wrecks, which makes diving the lagoon so comfortable from this resort.


Check out this video about this remote Island paradise and the resort that we are staying at - Blue Lagoon.

Screenshot 2024-05-07 at 3.31.40 PM.png

Relax in this ideally located hotel in close proximity of over 25 wrecks. 

- 3 stars (it's basic but it is the best we get in Chuuk)

- Private room with balcony and sea view

- Air-condition

- Dive Center

Blue lagoon

Our Hotel


Blue Lagoon offers tech support so we can offer dives on sidemount and twinsets. Technical dives will include extending bottom time in the 30-40m range and exploring deeper wrecks to 45m for those with TDI Advanced Nitrox and Decompression Procedures certification or equivalent. There is also the opportunity to dive wrecks to 55m for those holding a TDI Extended Range certification or equivalent. 

All technical dives must be planned with conservative gas, decompression and oxygen limits. Our tech insider Phil will help with the dive plans for all technical dive groups. For those of you lacking technical certification we can advise on opportunities to take these courses before the trip.



Extended Range Instructor, Sidemount Instructor, Rebreather Instructor

Our tech group leader Phil is originally from Sweden but has lived for most of his life abroad. The last few years he has been in charge of the technical diving at Manta Dive on Gili Trawangan, Indonesia. He is OC extended range instructor and hold certifications for closed circuit  JJ-CCR and SF2 advanced trimix. Phil will be leading the technical divers and focus on helping to plan dives of all levels. 

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Simon is a scuba instructor and award-winning photographer, tech diver and freediver who speaks 6 languages and has dived on 6 continents. The founder of Insider Divers aims to create group trip experiences with that extra special something. He aims to find unusual experiences, unusual sites and meet and greets with local experts. 
A scuba instructor and reknown photo coach he offers photo coaching during the trips to those interested. In Truk he will be looking after the recreational divers, helping them improve their wreck diving capabilities and enjoy secret spots on the different ship wrecks.


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For some this might not be enough diving. There is the opportunity to extend your trip.


Please email us to enquire for the different rates.

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