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7/9 to 14/9/2024
Extension to 22/9/24




We will dive five atolls in the dive heaven of the Maldives. Healthy reefs full of fish, large and small await us on this dive expedition. But the major draw will be the sheer abundance of Manta Rays and Sharks as well as good chances to see Whalesharks.

In addition we plan two very special trips - a three day extension to the busiest Manta site in the world - Hanifaru Bay. And a four day extension to see the shark capital for Tiger and Thresher Sharks - Fuvamulah.


The coconut palm and the yellow-fin tuna, symbols of the Maldives, say a great deal about this nation of more than a thousand islands. Grouped into 26 low atolls in the Indian Ocean, less than 300 of the islands are inhabited. The Maldives is flat with white sandy beaches and excellent reefs with an abundance of marine life. Scuba diving is done at a leisurely drift pace as the Indian Monsoon Current sweeps along the island chains, moving nutrients and divers along. This nutrient-rich water flows up along the walls, feeding the sponges and soft corals clinging to the rock sides. Inside the atoll lagoons, rock pinnacles – thila – vault up from the bottom to scratch the water’s surface. In the channels, there are swim-throughs, caverns and overhangs festooned with colorful sponges, invertebrates and gorgonians to explore.

At well-known cleaning stations, wrasse and shrimp service manta rays, and other large marine species. With a welcoming culture and some of the finest liveaboard dive boats and luxury resorts on the globe, a dive holiday in the Maldives makes for an unforgettable experience.


Tour - Best of Central Atolls 

The diving in the blue water paradise is absolutely sublime. Shark and manta ray sightings are guaranteed as well as myriads of reef fish, morays, critters and the king of them all - the whaleshark. On this itinerary we will be diving a lot with Manta rays and reef sharks, including various cleaning stations. We will even night dive with Manta Rays and Nurse Sharks, on two special night dives. We will also try to spend a day in a whaleshark hot spot, so hopefully will be seeing one of those too. This itinerary is subject to change, depending on weather.

Dive route: North Male - Rasdhoo Atoll - Ari Atoll - Vaavu Atoll - South Male Atoll -
Duration: 7 Nights

Number of dives: Up to 3 dives a day 

Check out the trip video from our trip to the Maldives in 2019


The trip will be hosted by pro-photographer Simon Lorenz . Simon will give several presentations on sharks and manta rays and teach underwater photography techniques for beginners as well as advanced photographers. It is also possible to get your Nitrox certification on this trip.

He will also take photos free of charge of everyone.

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The Blue Force One is one of the prestige boats in the Maldives. The luxury steel vessel allows us to travel in style from one atoll to the other. Many lounge areas inside and outside and a jacuzzi with a lot of space make for a comfortable journey. International cuisine with every meal, and of course the option to adjust to your dietary requirements.


Our boat

MY Blue Force one

- Full board - 3 meals plus snacks

- Luxury rooms with AC, fan, safe and private bath room with hot water 

- Large sun deck, plus several shaded decks

- Jacuzzi!!

- Large dive equipment area

- Nitrox on board