24/1 to 31/1/2020



Palau is on most dive bucket lists and is regularly voted one of the best places in the world to dive. This archipelago is one of most diverse dive locations and an Insider Divers Classic. You will dive currents, sharky corners, caves, wrecks and fabulous reefs. This is also the season for the Manta Ray feeding at German Channel, a behaviour that is only witnessed in few places of the world.

Join us for a week of deluxe liveaboard diving all the best sites at the best times, avoiding the day boat crowds.

As an extension we will offer Bumphead Parrotfish spawning.


Join Insider Divers to our favorite destination - Palau. Home to the healthiest reefs with the most radical marine life in Asia. We will be travelling aboard the majestic S/Y Palau Siren and visit all parts of this magical archipelago.

Palau has been protecting their reefs from the 1990s - the quality of the coral and sheer quantities of fish is testament to that. Also, in 2009 Palau was one of the first to declare their reefs a shark sanctuary, which is why you will seeing more sharks than anywhere else in Asia.

THE diving

During our trip we will dive mostly 3 times a day, starting with very early morning dives to catch the activity of the early morning. You will dive the famous dive sites like Blue Holes, Blue Corner, Ulong Channel, as well as lesser known sites. The famous Chandelier Cave is part of the itinerary as well as the massive Siaes Tunnel. We will dive at least 3 or 4 WWII Japanese wrecks including Iro Maru, Chuyo Maru and Teshio Maru. Also part of the tour is Peleliu Island in the very south which hosts some of the most entertaining corner dives. There will be opportunities for specific dives like black water night dives depending on weather conditions.

Needless to say we will also visit the mystical Jellyfish Lake, where you will swim amongst millions of football sized jellyfish that dont sting.


Very special in this time of the year is the Manta Rays in German Channel. Only in January and February the nutrients are so condensed on the incoming tide that Mantas feed here for hours. You can get within touching distance of barrel feeding giant rays - an amazing experience.

Check out the blog from our 2019 trip or from our 2018 trip.

The below video gives you an impression on what you can expect on this trip.


The Palau Siren is the premier liveaboard in Palau. On this Pinisi-style liveaboard you can enjoy the lavish space indoor and outdoors as well as in your luxury rooms that feature individual AC, spacious private bathrooms and flat screen TVs.

With a huge outdoor dive deck everyone has a lot of space for their personal belongings. The crew will bring your gear onto the speed boats so all you need to do is hop on and enjoy the beautiful ride to the dive sites.

S/Y Palau Siren

- Free nitrox
- Free local beer on tap

- Free soft drinks

- Free rental equipment

- Full board

- All rooms with AC, deluxe bathroom and TVs

- Several sunning areas

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Your tour leader on this trip is Pauline Wong, underwater photographer and instructor and one of our regular tour leaders. She has been to Palau several times before and calls this her favorite destination. She will assist you throughout the trip and coach you on your photographic skills.​ 


Arrival 24/1/2020, departure on 31/1/2020.

The dates are perfect for the manta ray feeding and bumphead parrotfish spawning!

For many Asian countries we are making full use of the Chinese New year break 2020. 


Please contact us for rates at

As all our trips this trip is operated by Southern Cross Travel Limited, Hong Kong


Only in Palau can one witness the explosive event that occurs at new moon when thousands of Bumphead Parrotfish come together to spawn. Sam's Tours UDE team developed this experience over years, so we are diving with the best team. The spawning takes place just before our tour, so by adding two days to your trip you can experience this worlwide unique marine event.


Check out this amazing video by the UDE team.


Sam's Tours is our trusted partner and one of the first shops that ever set foot onto the islands. They have been diving there for over 25 years and have the best boats, and the best guides. Almost all guides are instructor level, most are also marine biologists. Sam's offers us experts in photography, video, wreck diving and many more ears of speciality diving.

Check out their reviews on facebook and tripadvisor.


Arrival 24/1/2020, departure on 31/1/2020.