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Underwater photography is my passion, and one of the main reasons I dive. During our trips we can really work on your photography skills. Have you struggled in the past with full manual control or strobe setting? I can help you work out all your issues and advanced your photos. On all my trips I give detailed briefings for my photographer guests on how to approach specific environments or subjects. Even if its your first time with a camera, I guarantee great results. I will check on you during the dive, to see if you want help. If you wish we can buddy up for an entire dive to you, to give hands-on assistance underwater.

While most trips are for photographers and non-photographers alike, some trips are fully focussed photography workshops, where we do daily training sessions on photography and digital editing, and set specific tasks to accomplish underwater.  

                               - Simon Lorenz, Photography Trainer

a photographer is born

- Stuart, UK

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