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Join Insider Divers to Moorea in French Polynesia and get in the water with the funniest of all whales - the humpback whale. Moorea is one of the best places in the world to get close to mothers and calves as the babies explore their new world. Interactions are very common and personal. This trip is in cooperation with our friends of Seasick Productions.


11/10 to 18/10/2025


Weighing up to a ton and measuring about the length of a Volkswagen bus, being in the water with a baby humpback whale is a breathtaking experience . The mother, weighing more than 30 tons and reaching a maximum length of 16m is even more a sight while she gently keeps an eye on baby humpback interacting with the divers.


When people recount their first-time swimming with whales in Moorea, they describe it as an almost magical or surreal experience. There are very few places in the world where people can still swim with humpback whales. These majestic creatures come to the islands of Tahiti from August to October to birth their young and the normally calm clear waters are perfect for whale watching.


Seasick and Insider Divers have selected Moorea’s leader in VIP humpback snorkeling excursions. operator has a government license to conduct whale swimming and has worked over the past decade with several marine biologists who specialize in cetacean research in French Polynesia.

During your week with us, you will spend 5 days out on the open ocean looking for humpback whales and taking in the drop-dead beautiful scenery. This is a raw and real experience, and one for the adventurous at heart. In-water encounters are not always easy but should be possible every day, but we will do our best to get you close to these 16m behemoths.


It is important to note that these encounters are special and cannot be predicted. We will get you the best possible changes for interaction but by no means can it be guaranteed.

Hosted by award winning photographer Simon Lorenz you will be going out every day for up to 8 hours. Each boat will also have a naturalist on the boat. Our small group will enter the water in even smaller groups of 4-5 people in the water minimizing the swimmers in the water when we encounter whales. 


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Our accommodation

moorea Sunset beach 

Relax after your dives in this luxury resort


- 4 stars 

- Breakfast included

- Private room with balcony

- Air-condition

- Wifi

- Huge pool

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YOUR INSIDER on this trip

Simon Lorenz

Simon is an underwater photographer and journalist who speaks 6 languages, and has dived on 6 continents. He aims to create group trip experiences with special extras, such as diving unusual sites, with unique animals or talks with local experts. A scuba instructor as well as photography teacher he offers additional training during trips.

On this trip Simon will hosts talks on Manta Rays and Sharks as well as how to best photograph them. 

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19/10 to 27/10/2025

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