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Join Insider Divers to Sri Lanka and get in the water with the largest animal that has ever lived - the Blue Whale. There are many other whales to be found here including the the mighty Sperm Whales. There are not many places in the world where you can such good chances for both of these animals. As an optional extension we will offer wreck diving in Colombo.


Blue Whales gather here for over a month each year in great numbers. This is the best place in the world to see Blue Whales and the only place where you will have a chance to see both Blue and Sperm whales in the water. 

The Blues are Pygmy Blue Whales but they reach almost the same size - so 26m. We will be seeing individuals in the 18m to 24m arena. They are the only ones coming into the tropical waters, therefor the only ones you can swim with. The Blue Whales will be continuously swimming and we will approach them when they come up to breathe.

The sperm whales come up to rest and socialize at times giving us a chance to interact longer. If approached carefully, they will stay fairly still and let you come extremely close. Other times, it gets quite hectic and you need to sprint over to them before they fluke and dive.  Sightings were numerous during the last two seasons. The time window is February to April, so our March window is ideal.

Check out our trip video from 2020 and the trip report.


This is a snorkel and freedive only trip. It isn't necessary to be able to freedive but you will need to be ready to fin and swim, preferably without splashing on the surface. If this is your first trip in such a form, do let me know and I can brief you about preparations. Water is a warm 28-30C but a rashguard and sun protection will be needed as the sun is quite intense and reflects off the surface as well. Long fins give you more speed to cover distances in a short burst. Regular fins however are much more maneuverable within the small boat. Your choice of fin should reflect what you are comfortable with. Some guests are very quick with regular fins. "Paddle style" fins such as Jetfins or Force fins should be avoided. 


This can be a physically demanding trip. If the action is good, you will be doing numerous "jumps" per day, getting in and out of the boat. Boat rides can get very bumpy as we race across the water. If you suffer from serious back problems or have concerns, please do let me know.  

Hosted by award winning photographer Aaron Gekoski you will be going out every day for up to 7 hours. Each boat will also have a naturalist on the boat. Our small groups will only be 3-4 people per boat minimizing the swimmers in the water when we encounter whales. The speed boats communicate via Walk-Talkies and we will fan out searching the area for interactions.

THE hotel
Is a 5 star hotel run by an amazing company, so you will be well catered for. The hotel and location are a bit of a trade secret of our partners so we are not disclosing it. When we are on site we will also be asked to keep the location a secret. Sri Lanka has seen an explosion of whale watching (not swimming) and the operator would like to protect this area from such a boom as long as possible.


Our Hotel

5 star resort

Relax in this barefoot luxury resort on the East Coast of Sri Lanka.


- 5 stars (Sri Lankan style)

- Full boards

- Private room with terrace onto the beach

- Air-condition

- Wifi

- Huge 25m pool

EXTENSION: LeoparD Safari

Although this is a freediving trip we want to offer those who are interested the chance to see the apex land predator - the mighty Leopard. You will have the best chances on our two day safari to Yala National Park, the highest density of Leopards in the world. Aside from elephants, buffalos, bears and thousands of birds. 

your INSIDER on this trip

Aaron "Bertie" Gekoski

Aaron Gekoski is an award-winning environmental photojournalist, film-maker and TV presenter, specialising in human-animal conflict. He fronts environmental film series and is founder of Raise the Red Flag, a global campaign to end cruelty in the Wildlife Tourism industry. Aaron's articles and images regularly appear in the international press and have won numerous awards, including the coveted Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition.

His "Timor Leste Above and Below" SZ TV series has created a big momentum for the young diving industry of the country.​ Traveling with Aaron you can count on his expertise and local connections getting you to right spots at the right time. Aaron will also provide free talks on Wildlife Tourism and whale biology.

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