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Are you looking to enhance your photography skills? Whether you want to master shooting black backgrounds, working with full manual settings, utilizing snoot or backlighting techniques, or if you're a beginner starting from scratch, this workshop is perfect for you. 

Join us to delve into Lightroom and Photoshop, covering introductory and advanced training sessions. Award-winning photographers Tobias Friedrich and Simon Lorenz will guide you through everything you need to elevate your photography to the next level.


28/7/ to 4/8/24

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Where else can you find a more ideal destination for photography training than Bali? In addition to its breathtaking untouched house reefs, Bali boasts an extraordinary underwater world teeming with a diverse range of species, making it a paradise for capturing stunning photographs.

Your Photo Coaches Tobias Friedrich and Simon Lorenz are professional underwater photographers and experienced photo coaches. They will aim to advance each photographers level of photography from where they are at the given moment.


What it is like on a workshop with us

Every day we will cover different topics for advanced and beginner photographers. The groups will be split according to interest and experience. In detail we will cover

  • Basics: Framing, manual mode, lighting, strobe positioning, 

  • Digital: Lightroom and Photoshop, beginner and advanced

  • Lighting: Advanced lighting techniques, snoot and background lighting

  • Macro and Super-Macro

  • Close Focus Wide Angle-

  • Artificial backgrounds ("disco bokeh") and other creative techniques

If conditions allow we will also offer wide angle on the outside of Bali Island as well as Black Water Diving.


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This workshop is co-hosted by world famous photographer Tobias Friedrich. He has brought home almost every award there is in the underwater space and was even being named Underwater Photographer of the Year 2018 - the most prestigious aquatic award. As highest possible achievement he was recently called to be on the judge panel of the UPY award as youngest ever panel member.

Tobias is also an author of various books and regularly hosts workshops on underwater photography. Tobias will teach various topics and share insights on his approach to underwater photography. He will also talk about the path and strategy on how to win photo awards.

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Simon Lorenz

Simon is an underwater photographer and journalist whose images have appeared in articles and competitions worldwide. He has been photo coaching for many years on numerous workshops, 1-to-1 coaching and on his Youtube channel. He has spoken at many dive events on photography topics and is widely considered a patient and thorough coach.

Simon is the founder of Insider Divers and has been running workshops since 2015. If you have any questions on this workshop he will be more than happy to help in a personal phone call.

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Alam Batu surpasses all expectations of a dive resort, catering flawlessly to the needs of dive photography enthusiasts. With fast speed boats, well-equipped camera rooms, and comfortable rooms, this resort is a haven for underwater photographers. The dedicated guides not only assist with carrying your equipment but also possess an incredible knack for locating the most captivating critters.


Our resort

alam Batu beach bungalow resort

  • Pre- breakfast and snacks on top of the usual three meals

  • Private villas with bath and warm water 

  • Dives in the sun around the pools or on the private beach

  • Fast speed boats

  • Large dive equipment area

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