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By type of diving

Scuba diving         


The best way to spend time with animals in the ocean for extended periods. Join us to scuba diving trips to most of the famous locations and to some lesser known Insider locations. 


free diving             

There is no better way to swim with whales than gently pulling up to their track, slipping into the water silently and approaching the gentle giants cautiously. We bring you close to the most elusive and exciting animals in the underwater kingdom.



It is a hobby that you can develop your entire life. Join a trip with Photo Insider or visit a a dedicated workshops to work hard your skills and supported.


wreck diving            

Some dives require technical knowledge. Our tech Insiders support and guide sidemount, twin and rebreather divers in their quest to experience what lies below. 

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past trips

Here are some examples of previous trips. If you want to find out more, read our trip reports.