30/12/21 to 7/1/2022



Join us on an Offshore Expedition to the remote Revillagigedos, 250km west of Mexico, also known as Socorro. Socorro island and its surrounding waters are increasingly famous for big fish action, manta rays, dolphins, thousands of sharks and even humpback whales. Hammerheads, silkies, oceanic whitetips, silvertips, Galapagos sharks, tiger sharks and even whale sharks can be seen here.


The best known of the Revillagigedos of Mexico is Socorro Island, so much so that the group of islands is often referred to collectively as 'Socorro'. We will be diving 3 to 4 times a day, on all hot spots of Socorro, such as Roca Partida and the Boiler. Interactions with dolphins and sharks are guaranteed, as well as pelagic manta rays of up to 6m which get cleaned by large orange Damsel fish, a worldwide qunieu sight. The winter months are a good time for whalesharks as well as schools of hammerheads. And there is always the chance to see humpback whales. 

Check out the blog from last years expedition.

In this video group leader Simon talks about our 2018/19 expedition. Mind that it was a winter trip, this time we are going in late spring so warmer weather and water and generally calmer conditions.

- Steel hull, seasoned offshore vessel (former Undersea Hunter)

- Full board food and soft drinks

- Small dive groups (boat only holds 18 guests)

- Luxurious bedding in comfortable staterooms 

- Prviate bath and individually controlled air conditioning

- Nitrox and rental equipment available

- Jacuzzi!

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With a maximum of 18 guests the Undersea has been recently added to the Nautilus Fleet after serving for many years as the main boat exploring Cocos Island. Its been completely overhauled and extended to Nautilus Standards in order to make it a perfect boat for the Socorro Islands. Being set up for a smaller group allows smaller groups and less people in the water. The Nautilus hospitality and management adds the final touches to this amazing experience. 

Baja California EXTENSION

Baja California is full of amazing wildlife adventures. Snorkel with curious Sea Lions and whalesharks in the Sea of Cortez and sea humpbacks breaching. On the second part we will be swimming with some of the most exciting sharks in the ocean.

We will have two parts - the first is La Paz snorkeling with sea lions AND whalesharks! We will do that for two days and one day of scuba diving. Check out this video for inspiration

If conditions allow we will also offer night diving with Mobula Rays.

Then we will offer blue water shark expeditions for two days with a chance to encounter Orca!

A) Extension Sea Lions & Whalesharks Snorkeling and Diving - 7th to 10th Jan 2022 

B) Extension Blue Water Shark Diving - 10th to 13th January 2022 


Contact us for more details on pricing and the trips itself.



Simon is an underwater photographer and journalist who speaks 6 languages, and has dived on 6 continents. Komodo is one of his favorite areas to dive, in fact he did his divemaster training here. He aims to create group trip experiences with special extras, such as diving unusual sites, with unique animals or talks with local experts. A scuba instructor as well as photography teacher he offers additional training during trips. On this trip Simon will hosts talks on Manta Rays and Sharks as well as how to best photograph them. 

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