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18/11 to 25/11/2023


Sperm Whales


Join Insider Divers to Dominica and get in the water with the largest toothed animal in the world - the Sperm Whale. There are is not placein the world where you can such good chances for for this animal. 


Sperm whales are impressive by size alone: males can reach up to around 18 meters and weigh up to 60 tons, while females are half as heavy and grow up to 12 meters. Interestingly, sperm whales have the largest brain as well as the longest intestine in the animal kingdom: not only huge, but pretty smart too.

In Dominica, the sperm whale groups are mainly comprised of females and their calves, together called “units” of about 7 animals who live matrilineal (a family in female line, from grandmothers, mothers and their calves), while males leave their families very early in their lives and go explore the open waters. They do so alone and in most cases might never see their families again. It still remains a mystery as to why these whales seem to mainly appear in the Caribbean and not in neighboring waters.


This is a snorkel and freedive only trip. It isn't necessary to be able to freedive but you will need to be ready to fin and swim, preferably without splashing on the surface. If this is your first trip in such a form, do let me know and I can brief you about preparations. Water is a warm 28-30C but a rashguard and sun protection will be needed as the sun is quite intense and reflects off the surface as well. Long fins give you more speed to cover distances in a short burst. Regular fins however are much more maneuverable within the small boat. Your choice of fin should reflect what you are comfortable with. Some guests are very quick with regular fins. "Paddle style" fins such as Jetfins or Force fins should be avoided. 


This can be a physically demanding trip. If the action is good, you will be doing numerous "jumps" per day, getting in and out of the boat. Boat rides can get very bumpy as we race across the water. If you suffer from serious back problems or have concerns, please do let me know.  

Hosted by award winning photographer Simon Lorenz you will be going out every day for up to 6 hours. Each boat will also have a naturalist on the boat. Our small groups will only be 3 people per boat minimizing the swimmers in the water when we encounter whales. The speed boats communicate via Walk-Talkies and we will fan out searching the area for interactions.



Our Hotel

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YOUR INSIDER on this trip

Simon Lorenz

Simon is an underwater photographer and journalist who speaks 6 languages, and has dived on 6 continents. He aims to create group trip experiences with special extras, such as diving unusual sites, with unique animals or talks with local experts. A scuba instructor as well as photography teacher he offers additional training during trips.

On this trip Simon will hosts talks on Manta Rays and Sharks as well as how to best photograph them. 

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