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The bahamas

Photo by Tom Halleran


Want to advance your shark knowledge and shark photography skills? This Bahamas Shark expedition is the closest you will ever get to Tiger Sharks, Great Hammerhead Sharks, Caribbean Reef Sharks, Lemon Sharks and maybe Bull Sharks. Join our guides Simon Lorenz and Tom Halleran to the two hotspots of shark diving - Tiger Beach and Bimini.


31/1/ to 7/2/25

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The small island group of the coast of Florida is the undisputed capital for shark diving. This is not a coincidence as it has the highest shark densities in the world and boasts over 40 species of sharks.
We come here to see two of the biggest - the Tiger Shark and the Great Hammerhead. You will also see Nurse Sharks, Carribbean Reef Sharks, a variety of stingrays and hopefully Bull Sharks and Lemon Sharks.

While Tigers can be seen most of the year we are optimizing our tour to also see Great Hammerhead Sharks.
To improve our chances we will also visit Bimini Island, which no other 7 day tour includes.

Shark     SCHOOL

This trip is designed to teach you more about sharks and then being able to see it up close. We will talk about shark biology, behaviour, reproduction, hunting and more. And then you can see it all up close and in detail.

We will also dive into detail on all shark species that we will encounter. You will learn so much about sharks in this week.



This is also photo workshop, so all our diving will be ideal for taking the best shark photos of your life. We will dive at up to four times a day and will be able to practice all forms of shark photography.

In between dives you will have time to decompress but there will also be presentations, talks and workshops to attend to improve your photography skills.

There will also be coaching about how to make the most our of your photos in Lightroom. 

Contact us for more details on SHARK SCHOOL and SHARK PHOTOGRAPHY




Tom's passion for the underwater world started at a very young age. It began with a love of sharks and evolved into a fascination with all marine life. Born and raised in Seattle, he learned to dive in the Puget Sound at the age of 18. Now a happy South Floridian, he uses his photography to capture and share images which he hopes will inspire a greater understanding and appreciation for our oceans.


Tom is an award winning photographer and an active member of the South Florida Underwater Photography Society (SFUPS), where he serves on the Board of Directors. He regularly visits and photographs the sharks of the Bahamas.

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Simon Lorenz

Simon is an underwater photographer and journalist whose images have appeared in articles worldwide including many about sharks. He has often been invited to talk on stage old about his favorite animal group - the sharks.

Simon is the founder of Insider Divers and has been running workshops since 2015. he has been photo coaching for many years on numerous workshops, 1-to-1 coaching and on his Youtube channel.  If you have any questions on this workshop he will be more than happy to help in a personal phone call.

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THE ship
The MV Bahamas Master caters to just 16 divers to offer luxury liveaboard diving in the Bahamas year-round. There are 8 guest cabins and the choice of 3 cabins types. Two Deluxe Cabins are located on the forward upper deck and have a double bed and private bathroom. On the main deck there are two Premier Cabins with twin beds and en-suite bathrooms and four Standard Cabins which share 2 bathrooms. Social areas aboard the Bahamas Master yacht include the comfortable indoor lounge with entertainment area located on the main deck, or head on up to the upper deck where there is a spacious covered outdoor bar & dining area and sun deck.




- Full Board - International

- Special itinerary Bimini and Tiger Beach (normally just one)

- Up to 4 dives a day

- Three types of rooms

- Aircon & private bathroom

- Large dive deck

- Lot and lots of sharks

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Extension Bimini Shark Lab

For those who want to learn more about sharks and conservation we have organized an exclusive visit to the Bimini Shark Lab on the southern Island of Bimini. Here you will be educated by shark researchers about shark conservation and the various projects they run to protect and study sharks.

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