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Remote locations


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It is always better to dive in a group. You get the best deals and our own boat. We can demand a different itinerary for ourselves, optimizing it for the skill level of our dive team.

And it is more fun. We always have a great time after diving, sharing photos, playing games, or just sitting in the sunset with a cold one.

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TRips hosted by experienced divers and instructors

Travel with experts, they will guide you, prepare the itinerary and arrange everything on site. benefit from the knowledge of thousands of dives, may it be with your diving, your animal questions or your photography.


Tailor-made itineraries and unique dive experiences

There are amazing natural phenomena out there. But how to find them. Rely on the INSIDER DIVERS team to set up the best possible itinerary.

Pregnant bullsharks in Mexico, Sardine Run in South Africa, or Bumphead Parrotfish spawning in Palau - we will bring you to the right spots, at the right time.

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background presentations on animals

Insider Divers are scuba divers who want to understand more. We believe in the power of knowledge. and that you enjoy your diving more if you understand the background. How to sharks mate? How come all Napoleon Wrasses are born female? How does a tongue-eating parasite survive?

On all our trips we have optional presentations on the region and the animals

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learn from professional photographers and researchers

Professional photographers have gone through years of training, Photography is not easy, and we have so little time to practice it on a short trip. With a pro photographer by your side you can learn.

On every trip we will host ad hoc presentations on the needs of our photographers. Macro techniques or manual basics? Wreck photography or wide angle? There will always be lots to learn, if you want to.


Photography and videography

Most of our group leaders are expert photographers and videographers. We will do our best to capture all the amazing wildlife encounters we will have on your trip as well as take photos of you underwater. While there is no guarantee that we will be able to take photos of you and the action we have a good track record of providing everyone with an amazing memory - free of charge of course.

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