Palau 2020

This year we travelled to my favourite destination Palau aboard the Siren Palau liveaboard and we encountered amazing wildlife such as high schools of mantas and sharks up close. We even saw a dugong.

Check out this video by our guest Ian Crowe.


But before we even started some of us dove the bumphead parrotfish spawning with Sam’s tours which was where we witnessed thousands and thousands of bumphead parrotfish congregating together. Watching them flashing and changing their color, and ready for action.

We had a detailed briefing by our guide Jesse from UDE, so we knew when the action was going to start, and we were not to be disappointed. The fish were like fireworks going off everywhere. And once they spawned, lots of other bigger predators were lurking around. We even saw two bull sharks going for the exhausted bumpheads.


We were blessed with good weather, clear visibility and everything that we hoped to see has been delivered. The crew and the hospitality on Siren were very welcoming and we had a week of top-class diving.

Manta rays are in season in January, we had many close encounters at German Channel, manta rays train feeding on planktons close to the surface, cleaning at cleaning station down at the sand bottom. These mantas are not shy at all, they just love to fly pass over your head and enjoy our bubbles coming out from our regulators!