How to pack for Scuba trips

My father always said everyone should have lists for packing. Turns out, he was right!

After numerous trips of forgetting important or annoying items I started compiling a list, that still grows to this day. It's bizarre how many things one can forget to pack, to do, to prepare. Have a look at my video as inspiration.

My recommendation is - make yourself a list as well. Maybe my list below can be a starting point. Or check out this video that I made about scuba packing.

Personally I keep an EverNote on my packing. Like that on all my devices I can add to my list when I suddenly out of nowhere I remember an item that I always forget.


Diving and travelling is more fun when you have everything with you that you need. Max out on your baggage allowance and take everything with you that you need.

Dive Equipment

- mask & snorkel (snorkel for potential snorkeling with animals)

- wetsuit

- rash guard/thick rash guard (sharkskin or other)

- dry bag

- torch (always good to have)