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Palau - Spawning, shark, caves and wrecks

This is where it all began. In 2015 I got offered a trip aboard Siren liveaboard to see the sharks, rays, caves and wrecks as well as black water and the incredible bumphead parrotfish spawning. A recently started underwater photographer I was to bring a few people along, as the trip had undersold. I managed to put together a small group of friends - and we were all baffled by how absolutely stunnind and diverse the diving in Palau is. Ever since we have been coming back to Palau yearly until the pandemic, and this was our first return since and this year we used the brand new Black Pearl - a shiny, luxurious super yacht. Considering its one of our staple expeditions the boat was almost entirely repeat Insider Divers.

Anyone who has been to Palau knows why it excels versus all other locations - it's diversity. Healthy reefs, both flat and on walls, an abundance of life, the only undisturbed shark population in Asia, eagle and manta rays, various caves and caverns, WWII wrecks and unique dive events such as worldwide only bumphead parrotfish mass spawning.

For me it was the first trip since 2019, so I was very happy to be back in my scuba home. I co-hosted this trip with my old pal Matt Boyle, the most knowledgable dive master in the world and absolute nerd about anything related to diving. Here we are both getting our teeth, and ears, cleaned for our next presentations. As on all Insider Divers trips our guests could expect to learn more about sharks, mantas and in this special location, World War II history, presented by Prof. Matt.

One of the big highlights was the bumphead parrotfish spawning. Based on Matt's insight we took all the right decisions to get an insane experience, with thousands of fish spawning for 45 minutes or longer.

The reefs were stunning as usual.

Lots and lots of sharks. Literally on every dive.

Some in strong currents at Blue Corner, although the currents did not get properly punchy until the last day. But then we got the whole nine yards of current.

Despite our best efforts the manta rays were not out in force. We tried even a night dive to get the mantas, but only sparse sightings this time.

Of course we visited Blue Holes.

Siaes Tunnel.

Chandelier Cave stunner as usual.

We also dove the Iro Wreck, a famous World War II wreck

We even had a black water dive

But we also just really enjoyed each others company.

Below water...

And above water. Aboard our lovely vessel and on several land excursions to Ulong Island, the sand bank and Peleliu Island

All in all it was once again an amazing trip with lots of great diving, laughter and new friendships.

About the Author

Underwater photographer Simon Lorenz is the founder of Insider Divers and one of our main trip leaders. He is a regular author for dive magazines and speaker at events. Simon speaks 6 languages and has dived on all continents. A PADI instructor and photo coach his aim is to further the dive, marine and photography skills of our guests. Simon fights for the protection of sharks in his role on the advisory board of the Hong Kong Shark Foundation.


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