Raja Rocked It - Wobbies, Mantas, Mobulas

This year's Insider Divers Christmas & New Year trip took us to Raja Ampat in Indonesia. Over 11 days we saw everything we asked Santa Claus to bring us, including Mantas, Mobulas, sharks, wobbegongs, snakes, turtles and extras such as the Santa Pygmy Seahorse. Check out the video by Gregor Seatong / Fate Images.

Raja Ampat is the center of the center of biodiversity. Over 70% of all reef forming corals are represented here and over 1000 species of fish. In the past decade it has seen a lot more protection allowing reefs to recover and shark populations to thrive.

Right from beginning we got presents from Aqua-Santa - on the check out dive we already saw Wobbegongs and Pygmy Seahorses. It was going to a be good trip.


We first headed to the Southern area around Misool as I had heard that Mobulas had been sighted hunting silversides at Puri Pinnacle. The South of Raja is much more remote than the center so there are less boats here. As you can see our vessel the SeaSafari 8 is practically alone here.