Truk Lagoon 2019

I spent all year looking forward to the return to Chuuk and this year’s trip did not disappoint. We had great conditions all week with calm warm waters, good visibility and clear skies. The Blue Lagoon Resort was amazing and the friendly staff were happy to have us back.

(Photos by Simon Chivers, Chris Bothwell, Nick & Kristi Buxton)

This year we had a recreational group new to Truk and eager to be introduced to all the amazing diving the lagoon has to offer.

We started off with some of the shallower wrecks (15-30m) including the Fujikawa, Kensho and Shinkoko where the group got a chance to check out interesting cargo holds full airplane parts, ammunition, tractors, trucks and more.

We also managed to have a look in some of the easily accessible larger rooms with bottles, pottery and smaller machines