Red Sea 2019 with GirlsThatScuba

Once again we teamed up with our friends from GirlsThatScuba to organize a special scuba group trip to the Egyptian Red Sea. The itinerary would take us through some of the healthiest reefs and face to face with turtles, huge wrasses, sharks and dolphins.

Check out this video by our expert videographer Nico Deutsch.

GTS founder Sarah Richard spent part of her formative dive years in the Red Sea and is an Insider when it comes to Red Sea diving. Together with Simon she crafted an itinerary aboard the magnificent Blue Horizon, Blue o Twos flagship Red Sea dive vessel. But to warm up we started with Egypt’s most iconic landmarks - the Pyramids.


After having met up in our lovely hotel with pyramid view we headed off to see the biggest pyramids, proud leftovers from a highly developed civilization that flourished a staggering 4500 years ago. The most famous Pyramids are in Giza right next Cairo. Not only were we able to marvel at their grandure we also took photos in the world famous nose-less Sphinx. From there we headed out to the first pyramids to ever have been built - the Bent Pyramid and Red Pyramid of Darfour.