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Daniel Pinto - Insider Divers Photographer of the Month

Daniel Pinto has been diving with Insider Divers since our very first group trip and is one of our most regular travellers. And there are no dives in memory where he didnt have his camera. Dan has been to almost all Insider Divers photo workshops and has won awards on all of them including twice Best Photograph of the event.

​​Dan is famous for his long dives and his mindset of never missing a dive. One time in Sipadan he didnt skip a single dive after having contracted a massive gash on his leg. He is a particular fan of macro and night dives and masters to get the most out of his Olypmus EM5 MarkII using snoots and increasingly additional video lights. But he has also shown how to get crystal clear images of wide angle subjects, something that many photographers struggle with the older mirrorless cameras.

See below some of our favorites.

Award-winner at 2019 Insider Divers Photo Workshop in Anilao.

Perfection of detail, arragement, behaviour and background. Feeding Porcelain crab.

Award-winner at 2018 Insider Divers Photo Workshop in Lembeh.

Manta Ray in Maldives.

Wreck diving in Chuuk, Truk Lagoon. With James Walker as model.

Wobbegong in Raja Ampat.

Mating Blue-Ringed Octopi.

Cardinal Fish with eggs in Lembeh.

Tigershark in Fiji.

A bizarre parasite in Dumaguete.

Hammerheads in Galapagos.

A regular award winner such as here at the 2018 Photo workshop in Lembeh. With Insider Divers founder Simon Lorenz

Daniel Pinto

Mini Dive Bio

​​When did you learn to scuba dive? ​​Feb 2007 down in Koh Samui, Thailand

When did you get your first camera? 2014

What was your first camera? Sony RX100 Mark II in a Nauticam housing with a single Inon Z240 strobe

What camera do you use today? Olympus OM-D E-M5 MkII in a Nauticam housing with 2 Inon Z330 strobes

What is your favorite camera equipment piece? Retra LSD Snoot

What is your favorite dive spot? Lembeh, Indonesia

More photos by Dan can be found here.

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