Palau Bliss

In Palau every dive was my favourite dive. And of these favourite dives, every single one was exceptional. The question is not, why would you go to Palau, but why would you not go to Palau?

Last year, sat on a dive boat in Hong Kong I was told ‘If you love sharks you need to go to Palau.’ I jotted it down in my logbook, but didn’t give it much thought, it sounded very far away and expensive; I wasn’t entirely sure where it even was, but probably not possible to visit anytime soon. But when the Insider Divers newsletter landed in my inbox, trip info complete with pictures of sharks, WW2 wrecks & a snapper spawning I thought I might as well enquire; it looked pretty inviting. After a few emails with Simon, coupled with reviews from people who had been (some with Insider Divers), I had no doubt; I had to make this happen!

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I usually travel solo, and loved the ease of which this trip came together. Simon & Pauline made everything exceptionally stress-free, and I was also looking forward to having some ready-made dive and post-dive buddies! We were a group of 14, Expats from Hong Kong and Singapore and a few from the US. By the time we landed in Palau, I was laughing with everyone; happy to be spending the next week with them all, chilled but cheeky, as divers tend to be!

The Diving

Thanks to Simon's briefing talk we learned that the President is taking marine conservation and wildlife protection very seriously.