Socorro - Islands of Paradise

This Insider Divers’ trip is unquestionably up there as one of my most memorable dive trips – ever. The trip offered a few days extension over Christmas allowing us to kick off our Mexican adventure in Cabo San Lucas followed by Cabo Pulmo. After that it was time for the main event, aboard the Solmar V and off to Socorro.

Read the trip report of our Christmas extension at the end of the page.

Socorro Islands

Check out this trip report by videographer Erick Higuera

As we headed out on our voyage, dolphins danced along our bow waves. It comes as no surprise that one needs to travel some distance to reach one of the few remaining untouched wonders of the ocean and travel we did. Some 380 miles out into the Pacific Ocean. The crossing was good and so it took us just 24 hours. No problem whatsoever. For those who are prone to seasickness do come prepared as conditions can be rough and we had a much more lumpy journey on the return home.

A good-looking boat and majestic in her deep green hues, the Solmar V is perfectly equipped for diving out in the Pacific Ocean. More than once during the crossing we appreciated her sturdy designs. The rooms are small, very small, but Simon had warned us of that and besides we didn’t plan to spend more time in our berths than necessary to sleep.

The reference to Socorro Islands is actually a general term – what we are in fact talking about is the Revillagigedo Islands, a group of four volcanic islands: San Benedicto, Socorro and Roco Partida (the inner islands) and the outer island, Clarion (which we didn’t visit). Each island is some distance from the other and the route the boat takes varies dependant on the conditions.

We visited all three of the i