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GirlsThatScuba in Komodo

We've just finished our first ever Girls that Scuba group trip co-hosted with Insider Divers to one of the best scuba destinations in the world; Komodo National Park. Check out this short video on our trip.

We had been diving here before so we knew what to expect, but what we didn't know was how incredible and fun a trip with Insider Divers would be. Everything was perfectly organized, when we got on the boat we pretty much started diving right away. The trip was run by Simon Lorenz, the founder of Insider Divers. He is an expert photographer and gave several presentations during the trip. For photographers he did several sessions on wide-angle photography, but my favorite was the species presentation on manta rays - I thought I knew a lot, but now I know even more.

Girls that Scuba (GTS) has not even celebrated it's 2nd year in the scuba world and has already gained the interest of over 200,00 followers and members worldwide so it was no surprise when we announced a co-hosted trip many were interested.

There were 17 guests altogether from Insider Divers and Girls that Scuba with a perfect 50/50 ratio of men and women (we've always said we didn't want to make our trips women only) from all around the world. We set sail onboard the Amira - the most luxurious and grand liveaboard in the whole of Komodo - and prepared for a trip of a lifetime!

We had an incredible trip, with outstanding marine life sightings and even a fair few Komodo dragons on land!

And it went SO well that we just couldn't resist announcing our next one just a few days after it was over. GTS and Insider Divers are excited to announce our next trip to MALDIVES. But for those of you already a part of our communities you'll know the insane interest in this one and most of the spots are already taken - but email us to see if you can nab one of the last spots!

Sarah Richard is the founder of Girls That Scuba, divemaster and blogger. Check out her travel blog Coffee with a Slice of Life

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