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mike bartick

Mike is now a full-time marine wildlife photographer and photo-pro based in Anilao, Philippines. Named as one of the world’s most inspiring underwater photographers by SDOP in 2016 for his unhinged approach to shooting marine life. 



He conducts a series of workshops each dive season, helping shooters expand their portfolios and improve their underwater photography skills. Mike put in about 500 dives a year with 400-plus in the general area, which allows him to explore the peninsula for new dive sites and rare subjects. 

Mike is also a Global ambassador for Sea & Sea underwater imaging, Kraken Sports, Retra UWT and Ultralight Control Systems and works with various companies to bring quality products to market.

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Anilao is the undisputed world capital of Black Water diving. The best conditions are from January to April. The blackwater variety is immense and the top night time critters can be found here like papernauts, cuskeel, wunderpus and.... the Blanket Octopus. 


The Blanket Octopus is now clearly to top dream of all blackwater fans and we have timed this workshop for best possible sightings window which coincides nicely with Easter.

2024-04 Anilao BW


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