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Jesse was born and raised in Bridgeport, Connecticut and started diving at the age of 12. Jesse continued his education of the underwater world at the University of Miami (FL), where he attained is B.S. in Marine Science and Biology in 2013.



He moved permanently to the Republic of Palau after university to begin his professional diving career. Jesse was lucky to work with blue chip documentary productions in Palau as a safety diver and dive safety officer which spurred his move into photography. He started his own business in Palau in 2021 for photography and videography and has been pursuing new and exciting underwater documentary content since then. Jesse specializes in fish spawning, which Palau is a hot spot for.

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  • Honorable Mention - Ocean Geographic 2023

  • Honorable Mention - Ocean Geographic 2019

  • Honorable Mention - UPY 2019

  • Photographer of Week - Dive Photo Guide May 2020

2025-02 Palau


When did you start exploring the ocean and how did your passion develop from there?

2003, age 12. My parents wanted me to try some uniques activities outside of normal sports. Diving was the one that stuck and I just kept going with it through university and my career led me here. I loved the idea of my job being the one thing I loved to do all the time.

What was your best moment in the wild thus far?

Diving the Sailfin Snapper spawning aggregation in Peleliu. It's a treacherous dive site and we did one hour dives at 40m with one hour of decompression drifting in the blue. The current is wailing and you are surrounded by 30-50k fish with 20+ Oceanic Black Tips and Bullsharks hunting them. When the fish spawn, it gets so loud, it sounds like a train is passing by. Truly a heart pumping experience and my favorite dives of the year, consistently.

What do you like about being a group leader?

I enjoy managing the specifics of the trip and problem solving as a team with co-leaders, resorts, or vessels to provide outstanding experiences for myself and my guests. I also enjoy the opportunities to meet some amazing and interesting people as I travel the world.

The most important things you are trying to achieve for your guests?

For them to come away with a bunch of photos and/videos and be excited to share their experiences with friends and family. I want every guest to feel like their specific needs and wishes were catered for and that they are confident we can deliver those every time for them. 


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