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Aaron Gekoski is an internationally-acclaimed photojournalist and film-maker, who documents our complex relationship with the natural world. His images and articles have appeared in publications such as National Geographic, BBC, The Guardian, The Times, and more.





Aaron's work has featured in most of the top photographic competitions and he is a previous winner at Wildlife Photographer of the YearNature Photographer of the Year, Africa Geographic Photographer of the Year, and others.

His work is highlighted in numerous books such as HIDDEN, BBC Green Planet, The Evidence Project, and Photographer's Against Wildlife Crime.

As a film-maker, Aaron produces - and sometimes fronts - short and long-form documentaries. Recent films have been shown on Al Jazeera, Smithsonian, Apple TV, Sky, Amazon, and National Geographic. He also fronted numerous online series for ScubazooTV. 

His documentary, Eyes of the Orangutan, was awarded in several festivals and was up for Best Conservation Film at the prestigious Jackson Wild, with Aaron nominated for Best On-Screen Talent at Wildscreen. 

He is currently working on a global documentary about our relationship with big cats - in partnership with Terra Mater - which will be aired in 2023. 

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  • Wildlife Photographer of the Year

  • Nature Photographer of the Year

  • International Photography Awards

  • Africa Geographic Photographer of the Year

  • Wildlife Conservation Film Festival

  • US International Awards

  • International Nature Film Festival

  • Deauville Green Awards


Featured in:

  • European Wildlife Photographer of the Year

  • Siena Awards, BigPicture, Jackson Wild, WildScreen, Underwater Photographer of the Year

  • Travel Photographer of the Year

  • New York Festivals TV & Film

2023-03 Sri Lanka
2022-3 Timor

a chat with aaron

When did you start exploring the ocean and how did your passion develop from there?

I’d always been fascinated in marine life and documentaries, however coming from the Midlands in the UK didn’t get much of a chance to explore the ocean properly until my mid-20’s when I started diving and learning about conservation. 


The following 20 years have been spent traveling and absorbing as much as possible, sharing stories of our natural world as both a photojournalist and film-maker. Working for ScubaZoo TV, I hosted the from Below dive show, which brought educational and entertaining marine content to the masses. 

What was your best moment in the wild thus far?

The first four days of last year’s trip are very hard to beat! Blue whales with calves, a pod of 15 sperm whales, a tiger shark attacking a turtle, and a pod of killer whales. Our group couldn’t believe their luck! 

What do you like about being a group leader?

The opportunity to meet interesting characters from all over the world…and to share the magic of Timor-Leste with them. There’s nothing like seeing guest’s faces after they’re had a great day out on the water.

The most important things you are trying to achieve for your guests?

Simple: to try and get them underwater encounters with the largest animal to have ever lived. And maybe see some other ocean giants in the process!


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