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red sea, egypt


Red Sea is one of the most famous dive locations in the world and a great place to see lots of different sharks. Our itinerary is focussed on getting the best big animal action including Oceanic White Tip Sharks - the Red Sea is the only place in the world where you can dive with these apex predators. 

Conveniently located close to Europe this is a must dive destination. And there is always the option to visit the pyramids as well.


10/10/2026 - 17/10/2026


This full charter will cover the offshore highlights of the Red Sea - Brothers Islands, Elphinstone and Daedalus. These are the sharkiest sites where you can expect reef sharks, oceanic white tip sharps, hammerheads and even thresher sharks. We will be diving up to four times a day from early morning to late afternoon, night dives will only be possible when we are close to the mainland.


Traveling in style on the Blue Horizon, one of the best live aboards of the Red Sea, we will be enjoying our topside time as much as our diving. We have used this vessel a few times, including our legendary Girls That Scuba coop trip in 2018. The boat has since received a full facelift.


Our boat

blue horizon

  • 41 M luxury wooden boat

  • Full board food and drinks

  • All rooms with en suite bathroom, individual climate control, mini-bar, TV and DVD player

  • Nitrox and rental equipment available

  • Complimentary WiFi - not available offshore

  • Jacuzzi on deck

YOUR INSIDER on the trip

Simon Lorenz

Simon is an underwater photographer and journalist who speaks 6 languages, and has dived on 6 continents. He aims to create group trip experiences with special extras, such as diving unusual sites, with unique animals or talks with local experts. A scuba instructor as well as photography teacher he offers additional training during trips.

On this trip Simon will hosts talks on Manta Rays and Sharks as well as how to best photograph them. 

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