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Mexico, YUcatan

Itinerary Jan 2017

Let's get together and dive... MEXICO.

This time of year is special at the Yucatan Peninsula. Shoals of Sardines come to the Carribean and following them are the magnificent Sailfish! Also in the area in January are pregnant Bull Sharks, and come close to shore. Finally, January is the time of year where Eagle Rays school around the wrecks in the bay of Cancun. And of course, we will dive the world famous Cenotes, the easy ones, and some advanced ones. And what would be a visit to Riviera Maya without some ancient temples

Sail Fish
This is a snorkling trip, heavily weather dependant. We go several miles out to shore and look for the sea birds hunting the shoals. Underwater we will hopefully find sailfish hunting them. I have planned three days of this activity, but we will spread it out over the whole period to match weather conditions. Its all day out at sea, and when we snorkel, its exhausting work. Be prepared for hard work, and great rewards. Check out Jonathan birds video to get an idea.





Bull Sharks
Female bull sharks come close to shore in Playa del Carmen, where we will have two sessions. Experienced handlers will be feeding the sharks so we can get close to these amazing apex predators. If you find it too dicey, you can skip these dives.

Eagle Rays
In the bay of Cancun are several wrecks, where in January and February schools of Eagle Rays come together. As it is by far my favourite ray, we will do this dive twice.

We will start with some easier Cenotes the first day, to get acquainted. Cave diving skills are not needed as all caves are open to the outside somewhere, so an exit is always possible. with 100m visibility these fresh water caverns are world wide unique. On day two we will do the more advanced caverns incl. the famous Angelita with the underwater river, yes you read right, there is a river inside the water. A river of different salinity water, but it looks amazing.

Aside from these things we are at the
Riviera Maya. So we will make sure to get that Mexican feeling as well as Maya impressions.
- Visit to Tulum beach town, and Mayan Temple of Tulum
- Day visit to Chichen Itza Ruins, and visit to Valladolid, a classic Mexican town.
- Diving the UW Museum of Cancun, famous for its hundreds of statues

Photos for my flyers give by kind permission of Roberto Wyssmann and Tom St George.

Our operator is Solo Buceo, world reknown and partner of choice for many pro photographers and videographers around the world.

Our hotel is this cute little B&B in Cancun, which is a great base for all of our adventures.

This trip is operated by my partner travel agent Diving Travel Ltd. After you sign up with me, I will send you more details on the booking.

If you travel from Hong Kong, flights will depart on Friday 27th Jan and arrive 28th during the day. Return will be on the 7th Feb, back in HK on 8th. I can arrange those flights with our travel agent.
If you travel by yourself please arrive in Cancun by 28th Jan, and depart no earlier than 7th Jan, preferably not too early in the morning to have enough deco time.

This trip is operated by Diving Travel Ltd. my partner agency.


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