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13/8/ to 20/8/2023




Want to advance your photography skills, learn how to shoot black backgrounds, how to work full manual, snoot, or backlighting. Or are you completely new to photography? This workshop suits all levels. We will also do Lightroom and Photoshop, introductions, basics as well as advanced training sessions.

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What place is better for photography training than Lembeh? Home to the rarest critters of the underwater world, you can lie comfortably in the sand while shooting Mimic Octopus, Wanderpus, Hairy Frogfish or Rhinopias, just to name a few. 

Your Insider Simon Lorenz is is a professional underwater photographer and experienced photo coach who often acts as speaker at events and hosts regular YouTube webinars. He will aim to advance each photographers level of photography from where they are at the given moment.


Intermediate and advanced shooters will earn how to shoot clean black backgrounds, how to take advantage of full manual mode, snoot-lighting, LED lighting or backlighting as well as high-level editing. We will work with creative backgrounds and apply special techniques such as long-exposure. And you can learn from award-winning photographers like Tim Ho. 


Or are you completely new to photography? Or just bought a new kit and would like to quickly make the most of it? In this workshop you will learn everything from scratch and you will be able to learn advanced topics as you feel comfortable. We will also do provide introductions to Lightroom and Photoshop as well as advanced training sessions.


And we will offer Blackwater diving as the latest and most exciting trend in Macro Photography!

And at the end of the week there will be a photo competition so you might even bring back a prize! 

Swipe through the photos below to get an idea of the kind of photography that we will train you to shoot.

Check the blog and participant photographs from our last Anilao Workshop


Anilao is the critter capital of the Philippines and home to the rarest critters of the underwater world. Macro subjects are perfect for photography training as the subjects do not tend to move much and give you time to work on your techniques and photography styles.

The workshop will be led by Simon Lorenzan award-winning photographer and trains people on a regular basis. He will be assisted by Pauline Wong who is a photographer and instructor and will assist you especially if you are a beginner. The group will also benefit from talks given by award-winning Photographer Tim Ho, and so you will be able to gain insights and tips from a number of photography INSIDERS.

Every day we will cover a variety of different topics for both advanced and beginner photographers. Sessions will be mixed or split depending on the topics and according to interest and experience. In detail we will cover:

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