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KOMODO, INDONESIA 14/11 to 20/11/2017




CHANGED ITINERARY We will be exploring KOMODO NATIONAL PARK on SeaSafari 7 Travelling in style on our wooden indonesian sailing boat, we will be passing the beautiful islands with their massive vulcanoes.


Komodo NP is listed on many too 10 dive site lists, and not without reason. Only here do the currents mix, creating a rich coral diversity full of sharks, turtles and manta rays. Aside from diving several manta cleaning stations and getting close to the 5m wide beauties, we will also dive drift dives and current dives full of sharks and rays and schools of reef fish. At night there are many great macro dive sites to be explored. And of course we will see the famous Komodo Dragon, the largest lizard in the world and only found on two islands in Komodo National Park.

THE boat

SeaSafari Cruises specialize in luxury wooden Indonesian schooners, technically sailing boats which are actually motorized boats that comfortably move us from dive site to dive site. SeaSafari 7 is a big boat, with lots of space, multiple sun decks, camera and computer room and a big dive area. We will not be filling out the boat, so there will be a lot of space.


- Full Board - different cuisines, Indonesian, International

- Experienced dive masters (over 15 years)

- Camera area

- Several sun decks

- Upper deck rooms and lower deck rooms

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This Safari will cost you only HKD19900 / USD 2500 . The trip is operated through Southern Cross Travel Co Ltd.

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