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Fiji is home to remote islands famous for their soft corals. Home to a series of sharks and rays, schools of fish and plenty of smaller creatures. Many action packed drift dives, wall dives and off-shore pinnacles, but also diving in sheltered lagoons and macro dives. And the opportunity to hop ashore for a traditional kava ceremony in a real Fiji village. This trip is good for all levels of divers.

Siren Deluxe Live-Aboard

Siren sailing boats are the first class of dive boats. Beautiful in every detail the ships feeature comfort on every level for small groups. Outstanding food, beautiful cabins with ensuite bathrooms and TV (with movie data base). Dive operations is smooth and effort less. As a special favor Siren has granted me a chunky 25% group discount on this trip, but I need to sign up fast.


Beqa Lagoon - Bulls, Tigers, Lemons
You cannot go to Fiji and not visit the shark feed of Beqa Lagoon. May and June seem to be good for not only the usual reef sharks and bull sharks, but also higher chance to see Tiger Sharks. I mean.... TIGERS!!! As shark feed is not everyone's cup of tea, I make this an optional part at the beginning.

Package price is HKD19900 / USD 2550 for Siren trip 7 Days, transfers from Airport, one night at VoliVoli REsort. Siren departs on 1st May, we need to arrive in resort on 30th April.

Shark feed extra days are HKD 3900 / USD 500 for extra transfers, hotel and three dives (two shark dives), we leave HK on 27th night.

Flights are cheap from Hong Kong atm (6.5k) so we should act fast. I need a minimum of 7 divers to make this happen. Tell your friends and get a 5% referral discount on your trip. So bring two people, get 10% discount on your trip.

All my trips are booked via registeed IATA travel agents. Once you sign up all you deal with them is the payment.


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