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Baja California

12/5/2024 to 18/5/2024


Up close


Join Insider Divers to the newest and hottest destination in the world to swim with a giant variety of megafauna. Whales of all sizes including Orcas and Blue Whales, giant Whalesharks, thousands of Mobula rays, sea-lions and dolphins frequent these waters and provide the basis for the ultimate ocean safari.


Join Insider Divers to the newest and hottest destination in the world to swim with the ultimate Apex predator. Orcas are known to take down grey whales, dolphins and amongst others great white sharks. This area is a hotspot for the giant blackfish and with the support of our micro light plane we will be covering a vast area around the cape of Baja California increasing our chances to find these giant "Sea-Pandas". 

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Something truly unique about this area is that the largest to animals to have every lived on this planet can be found here at this time of the year. Blue Whales and Fin Whales are both encountered here during this time of year while humpbacks and sperm whales also make appearances.

Mobula rayS

In April to June the worlds largest ray migration brings hundreds of thousands of mobula rays to the area which is a good starting point to look for Orcas, but also a spectacular experience both in and out of the water.

pregnant whalesharks

This area is a newly discovered area where pregnant whalesharks seem to cruise around before giving birth. It is brand-new information and our operator is heavily involved in the research on this behaviour. The Whaleshark is the largest of all fish in the ocean and only the females reach the biggest size of 16m. Until recently these were only found in the waters around Galapagos but scientists have shown that this area is another pre-birth swimming area.


This is a snorkel and freedive only trip. It isn't necessary to be able to freedive but you will need to be ready to fin and swim, preferably without splashing on the surface. If this is your first trip in such a form, do let me know and I can brief you about preparations.

This can be a physically demanding trip. If the action is good, you will be doing numerous "jumps" per day, getting in and out of the boat. Boat rides can get very bumpy as we race across the water. If you suffer from serious back problems or have concerns, please do let me know.  



The special ingredient for this trip is our microlight plane. It will cover very large areas to make sure we find the mobilas

Hosted by videographer and whale afficionado Alex Pham you will be going out every day for up to 6-8 hours. Each boat will also have a naturalist on the boat. Our small groups of 6 people per boat minimizes the swimmers in the water when we encounter whales. The speed boats communicate with the microlite plane to find the best locations.


YOUR INSIDER on this trip

alex pham


This trip run by Alex, a whale guide, photographer and filmmaker with experience searching for whales in Norway, Timor Leste, Baja, Sri Lanka, Dominica, French Polynesia, the Cook Islands, and Tonga. 

Alex is a whale nerd who focuses on creating positive social and environmental change in an uncertain world. Alex is excited to share his love of the world’s cetaceans with others and to tell ocean conservation stories that are nuanced and impactful. Alex will coach those looking to capture images or video of the amazing whales and help those who need guidance on freediving. Don't forget to bring your tripod for the Northern Lights.

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EXTENSION: offshore sharks

An absolutely fantastic experience is snorkeling with mako and blue sharks off Cabo San Lucas. This time of the season is very good for curious Blue Sharks and the fastest of all sharks - the Mako Shark. We might also encounter other sharks such as smooth hammerheads and silky sharks.


Contact us for more details on pricing and the trips itself.

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