Join us on a trip of speciality diving

Palau has the healthiest reefs in Asia, thanks to 25 years of far sighted protection. You will see sharks on literally every dive! While that is already enough excitement we will be doing several speciality dives, that are unique in the world of diving!

Sea-bream Spawning

Watch 10000 of these beautiful fish congregate in blue water and spawn in massive groups. Sharks cross the groups to hunt on the lovers. Most bizarre experience ever


We will also invest a day to go to the less visited North, where the Manta rays stay most of the year. In 2016 congregations of over 100 individuals were witnessed in April and May. It's a gamble I like to take.

Black Water Diving

Diving under a boat with video lights at night on open bottom we wait for weird creatures to rise from the bottom. Spooky and exciting, great for photography

WWII Wrecks

Palau has 20 WWII wrecks complete with engine rooms, artefacts, canons etc. We will do at least a couple of those dives as well

We will dive in the unique Chandelier cave with its 5 connected caverns.

Mandarin Fish Mating
At Sams we can watch Mandarin Fish mate every night!


Flight Options

Flights can be booked by yourself or via my travel agent. You can connect from anywhere in the world via Hong Kong, Tokyo, Seoul, Taipeh or Manila. From Hong Kong the flights that some people have booked are below