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Join Insider Divers on an exclusive film project to swim with Southern Right Whales and observe Orcas hunting Elephant Seal pups. This expedition is only available to professional photographers and videographers and is limited to 4 participants.


22/9 to 1/10/2025


Known as maybe the friendliest whale species in the world the Right Whale was heavily hunted due to its approachability. Having escaped extinction level narrowly only the Southern Right Whale population has fully recovered.

The 50-80 ton giants feed in the icy waters off Antarctica and like most balleen whales travel North to give birth and reproduce. Peninsula Valdes is the largest breeding population in the world and the whales are known to be especially friendly to humans.

There are restrictions and permits which is why only experienced photographers and videographers are permitted on this trip.


This is a trip for experienced whale swimmers and divers. Our permit includes observation, snorkel and

scuba diving, although the latter will only be in perfect conditions.

The whales will be approached by boat and only two swimmers will be permitted in the water at all times.

As a group of six this means rotation and surface time observation. Drone flying is permitted but

experience is required.

Another activity will be observing Orca preying on Elephant seal pups. This is an extremely rare encounter so we have picked three days in the best time window to approach this difficult to observe behaviour.

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YOUR INSIDER on this trip

alex pham

Alex is a whale guide, photographer and filmmaker with experience searching for whales in Norway, Timor Leste, Baja, Sri Lanka, Dominica, French Polynesia, the Cook Islands, and Tonga. 

Alex is a whale nerd who focuses on creating positive social and environmental change in an uncertain world. Alex is excited to share his love of the world’s cetaceans with others and to tell ocean conservation stories that are nuanced and impactful. In Patagonia Alex will be in charge of filming.

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Simon Lorenz

Simon is an underwater photographer and journalist who speaks 6 languages, and has dived on 6 continents. He aims to create group trip experiences with special extras, such as diving unusual sites, with unique animals or talks with local experts. A scuba instructor as well as photography teacher he offers additional training during trips.

On this trip Simon will been in charge of photography and trip logistics.

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